Rayence DCX 3D


Model: DCX 3D

The Rayence DCX is coming and it will change the way Chiropractors buy X-Ray Rooms. For too long the Xray room offered to Chiropractors has been the same. There is a new generation of Chiropractors coming out of school to a neighborhood near you and they expect more! they want an all DIGITAL room built to meet their specific needs.

Rayence has a solution, the Digital Chiropractic Xray System (DCX for short) that will feature:

  • Fully Integrated interface with controls from the touch screen workstation for Generator and  DR panel. Simple and compact
  • Technique settings preset for Chiropractic application less guess work
  • Chiropractic specific software with our special Clear On image processing software better images each time
  • Full set of over 50 Chiropractic Measurement tools including stitching Post process faster
  • Ability to send the stored images to any computer for review and then to a DACBR or referring physician when needed better patient experience
  • Set up for cloud storage(optional) or save images in an independent computer for back up no more lost images
  • The Rayence user friendly software with easy to find processing icons customized for the user simplest software to learn in the market

All of these benefits and more included in this compact Xray room package that can fit in a room that is 9.5Ft x6Ft and features a Floor wall tube stand and compact wall stand that delivers extensive vertical travel allowing for a full range of upright positions.

The DCX System is the complete solution for any Chiropractor and it comes from Rayence who is the leader in DR solutions for the Chiropractor along with the endorsement of Dr. Terry Yochum.