Give Patients Control of Their Images With This Innovative Solution From

PaxeraHealth Corp

CXDI - 10 Series

Featuring a Sleek New Detector Design, an IPX7 Rating, and Flexible Charging Capabilities

Canon RadPro

Discover new features on Canon’s latest RadPro

The Flex +

Improve Patient Care

Experience an enhanced user interface designed to convenience patients and technologists.

Superior Mobility

Find out why the new and improved OTC-15T Radiographic Suite is the pinnacle of form and function.

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Radon Medical Imaging, as an independent distributor and service provider, provides customers with unbiased advice, innovative service, hardware and software support, and viable solutions to today’s complex medical imaging issues. People, Products, and Service best describes the strengths of our company.


This translates to reliability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customer friendly service is second to none. The infrastructure of our company is built on customer relationships and our employees consider themselves adjunct associates to our many customer sites. Sales and service with national expertise but a local identity is what we strive for.

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