Preventive Maintenance Program

Preventive Maintenance programs are a key part of our services. These services include:

  • Test and calibrate all configurations of the device to the manufacturer’s specs.
  • Electrical safety on all electrical equipment to ensure it is in compliance with the NFPA standards for healthcare facilities.
  • Each device will be assigned a control number for equipment tracking. Each control number will receive a printed document stating what tests were completed.
  • Inventory list of all equipment.
  • Complimentary cleaning of equipment at each PM.
  • Professional stickers placed on equipment stating due date and control number.
  • Monthly reports if needed.
  • No customer has an office too big or too small for this service.


Repair Services

Onsite and Depot Repair Services

  • Our certified technician will come to you for a free evaluation.
  • We will find the best service solution at the best price and we let our customers know when it’s more cost-effective to replace the unit.
  • Extensive testing is completed after each repair so you can be assured the unit is patient-ready.