Pain Management

Digital Computerized Radiography – CR

Group practices benefit greatly from CR digital imaging to provide image distribution and simultaneous multiple diagnostic viewing. See “Digital Products – CR Solutions” section. TBS will assist in choosing the most cost effective unit for your practice volume and specialty.

Direct Radiology – DR

Retro fit your current x-ray system with a digital at panel for outstanding image quality while eliminating film processing and dark rooms! See “Digital Products – DR Solutions.”

Fluoroscopic C-Arms

Crisp images assist back pain specialists with discography and myelogram studies. OEC units offer the power and durability for continuous or sporadic fluoroscopic quality views that are critical to spinal injection placements. TBS offers sales, calibrations, and services for all C-Arms.

Patient Positioning Tables

Obtaining quality images is often dependent on the position of the patient. Since humans come in many sizes and shapes, a highly flexible table can be key to easily acquiring the exact view needed.

Pain Management Biomed Equipment

Calibration/Safety Test for Federal/State Compliance: EKG – Defibrillators – Otoscope – Blood Pressure Cuffs – Ophthalmoscope – Etc.