Respiratory Equipment

During the COVID pandemic, we expanded our product line and services because many types of medical facilities needed to provide more respiratory equipment for patient treatment and care to help keep their airways clear and to improve lung function to increase survival rates. While respiratory equipment was important during the pandemic, it also supports both short-term and long-term care now and ongoing. We offer several product categories, varieties, and brands.

We can provide annual preventive maintenance as well as service/repair work as needed.  We service a wide variety of ventilators, some of our most common brands serviced are Philips V60, PB 840, PB 980, Vela, Bipap Vision, SiPap, Trilogy, Servo Units and Transport Ventilators and more.

Contact us to order this equipment or to ask about any other equipment you need. Across the spectrum of medical facilities and services, professionals depend on us for respiratory equipment, including: