Medical Equipment

New and Refurbished Medical Equipment Sales

We ensure that you have access to your preferred brands whether you buy new or through our refurbishment program. We do not sell equipment that we cannot service.  Both new and refurbished products come with our warranty – we always guarantee the quality of our work.

New Medical Equipment

We are dedicated to keeping you on the cutting edge. If you’re ready for the latest model of computerized tomography (CT) scanners, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, or positron emission tomography (PET) equipment, you’re in the right place.

Consider us your resource for top-rated new equipment from top-tier manufacturers like United Imaging and Hitachi.

To ensure the optimal experience, we also help with specification, installation, training, and service. Explore the product categories listed below and let us know when you’re ready to discuss your medical equipment application needs.

Refurbished Medical Equipment

This program is designed to offer facilities a cost-saving alternative to new equipment. Refurbished equipment can often be about half the cost of new equipment with the same warranties. Check out our TBS Ebay page. If you don’t see it here please contact us for pricing on the equipment you need today.

Other Helpful Options

Please also ask about refurbishing your existing equipment. We provide service onsite, or we can pick your equipment up, bring it back to our shop, clean it, touch up paint, replace common failing parts, and get your equipment back in shape. Radon also purchases and removes or consigns unwanted equipment, which can help with funding for new or refurbished medical equipment.

Primary Equipment Offerings

Biomedical Equipment

Across the spectrum of medical facilities and services, professionals depend on biomedical equipment. The products we supply help medical professionals from exams, testing, and diagnoses to treatment, monitoring, and recovery. Delivering quality care means having the equipment you count on for precision, accuracy, and safety.


X-Ray & Imaging Equipment

Imaging equipment is complex and mission-critical. From C-Arms to radiography and other x-ray solutions, our offering enables medical providers to diagnose and confirm with confidence. Working with a provider you can trust to stand behind their equipment gives you the peace of mind you need to keep your attention squarely on your patients.

Respiratory Equipment

Our acquisition of Nightingale-Alan early in 2021 enabled us to broaden our respiratory equipment offering. Many types of medical facilities use respiratory equipment during patient treatment and care to help keep the airway clear and improve lung function. This equipment can be important for both short-term and long-term care.

Dental Equipment

Women’s Health

Parts & Service