EMS & Fire


  • Zoll
  • Physio Control
  • Philips
  • AED’s
  • Accessories
  • Call us today to get your equipment tested or repaired so it is ready for the next patient!

Ask about our free loaner program!

Ambulance Cots

  • Ferno cots
  • Stryker cots
  • Reduce the risk of equipment malfunction resulting in EMT and patient injuries.
  • Reduce the risk of downtime caused by unexpected product failures.
  • Document your safety concerns by providing full equipment maintenance and service reports.
  • Extend the life of your equipment.

SPO2 Products

  • Finger probes – adult and pediatric
  • Ear probes
  • Extension cables
  • Handheld units

TBS offers an excellent repair exchange program for all your SPO2 cables and probes at an amazing cost savings. Please ask about our cable repair program!

Preventive Maintenance Program

Preventive Maintenance programs are a key part of our services. These services include:

  • Test and calibrate all configurations of the device to the manufacture’s specs.
  • Electrical safety on all electrical equipment to ensure it is in compliance with the NFPA standards for healthcare facilities.
  • Each device will be assigned a control number for equipment tracking. Each control number will receive a printed document stating what tests were completed.
  • Inventory list of all equipment provided.
  • Complimentary cleaning of equipment at each PM.
  • Professional stickers placed on equipment stating due date and control number.
  • Monthly reports if needed.

No customer has an office too big or too small for this service.