Del Medical Straight Arm


Model: Straight Arm

The Del Medical Straight Arm is an economical and space-efficient X-ray system that can perform a comprehensive range of radiographic procedures. Its flexibility permits imaging of patients sitting or standing, as well as recumbent when optional mobile table is present.

Accurate and Safe

The system’s counter-weighted design promotes smooth and precise adjustments with the use of just one hand. The Straight Arm operates on a single plane, meaning the X-ray tube and image receptor will always be perfectly aligned, regardless of positioning. Safety enhancing electromagnetic brakes are applied to all system movements with exception of the tilting receptor tray, which engages at 0°.

Flexible Movements

The expanded vertical lift from 17 to 64″ (43 to 163 cm) removes the need for any additional equipment, such as a wall stand. Easily capture head to knee images of a standing patient without unnecessary repositioning. Its rotating arm can turn uninterrupted from 135° to -35° and its receptor tray can tilt over a ±45° range making nearly any view accessible. Source to image-receptor distance (SID) adjustments are motorized and can be changed to any preferred distance.

Optional Mobile Table

The Straight Arm alone can perform a wide range of exams, but when combined with the MT500 mobile table, technologists have access to cross-table lateral and recumbent positioning. The table is light weight and easy to maneuver making it ideal for quick positioning.