Surgical Table Inc. Max Series

Model: Surgical Table Inc. Max Series

Our MAX series surgical tables are highly versatile and perfect for pain management, spinal injections or spine surgery, and various orthopedic procedures. Designed to support the latest advancements in surgical procedures and imaging techniques, and setting the standard for operating efficiency, ergonomics and safety, the MAX series of surgical tables provide a flexible solution for the medical and budgetary concerns of all surgical environments.MAX series surgical tables offer the following features:

  • A 24″-wide carbon fiber top (84” length) comfortably fits larger patients and in most cases eliminates the need for arm boards
  • Emergency Stop Switch for maximum Operating or Procedural safety.
  • MAX series allows simultaneous motions for quick patient positioning.
  • Power indicator lamp on handset lights green when the table is in motion.
  • Easily transfer patients from stretcher or gurney. Standard stretcher or gurney table tops can be flush with the MAX series radiolucent top allowing for easy pre or post procedural transfer for incapacitated patients.
  • Modern base design allows for maximum c-arm clearance. The MAX series tables have the most c-arm clearance in the market.
  • Low boarding height for elderly or wheelchair bound patients.
  • Removable power cord for easy transport of imaging table.
  • Surgical arm boards incorporate 180 degrees of rotation which provides infinite arm positioning.
  • Advanced airway management system provides maximum access to the patient which adds to overall patient comfort.
  • Protective bellows provides safety by enclosing all motors, controls and wiring. The protective bellows are also easily cleaned with standard operating or procedural room sanitizers.
  • Rated for 500-pound patients.
  • The patient transfer bar is mounted to the removable side rail system and helps reduce patient roll-over when transferring patients to or from the table.
  • 2″ patient pad is made of soft and flexible material for patient comfort. The patient pad can be cleaned with standard operating or procedural room sanitizers.
  • MAX series imaging tables are very easy to move. A single nurse or staff person can easily rotate a MAX series imaging table when reversing the operating or procedural set-up.
  • The 4 swivel locking casters have a rated capacity of 1,760 pounds.
  • Optional wireless remote control, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and foot controls.