Steris LA 500

Model: LA 500

Dual Head Lighting System, Ceiling Mounted with Control Center.  The Steris Amsco Harmony LA500 surgical lighting system is a great choice for almost any operating room. The Harmony delivers a high illumination intensity of up to 14,780 foot candles (160,000 Lux) by using the 7 step intensity control, either on the light head or the wall mounted intensity controller. The intensity controller is part of a control center that has a modern LCD display. The backup lighting system means the surgeon will still have the light needed to continue, even if the main bulb burns out. The Harmony LA500 20″ light head also features a lens design that uses their Wavelens technology that allows you to adjust the size of your pattern without losing focus. The lights also have heat filtering technology to reduce heat at the surgery site.

Installation service is available.