Philips MRX

Model: Philips MRX

Philips Healthcare’s ALS monitor/defibrillators have been designed to include the capabilities you need along with the performance you demand. The Heartstart MRx combines Philips’ industry-leading monitoring with superior diagnostic measurements and their patented resuscitation technology.
The MRx is optimized for a variety of uses and environments. From AED, crash cart, defibrillator, to critical care transport monitor and cardiograph.
For all its capabilities, it is remarkably easy to operate, and surprisingly lightweight (13.2 lbs). Easy to carry and fits neatly on a standard stretcher.
The MRx Base EMS Model Defibrillator/Monitor Kit Includes:
   Manual Defibrillation Mode
AED Mode
ECG Arrhythmia Detection
ECG Trunk Cable & 5-Lead Snap ECG Cable
Battery Pack & Test Load
Electrode Cable
Metal Bedrail Hook
Protective Display Cover
Automated Testing


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