OEC 9900

Model: OEC 9900

The OEC 9900

Orthopedics, General Surgery and Pain Management
9900 GSP or 9900 ESP

Pain Management & Basic Vascular
9900 PMCare 8fps
9900 Basic Vascular 8fps

Advanced Vascular
9900 Vascular 15fps (12fps @ 50 Hz)
9900 Vascular MTS 30fps (25fps @ 50 Hz)

Cardiac Surgery and Mobile Cardiac Cath/EP Lab
9900 Cardiac 30fps (25fps @ 50 Hz)

12/9/6″ (31/23/15 cm) tri-mode image intensifier: A larger field of view than our standard 9/6/4.5″ (23/15/10 cm) image intensifier, for many applications or wherever a larger field of view is required.

Super C design: Larger than our standard C, the design provides greater clearance and greater range of overscan for the oblique angulations required in both cardiac and spine work. 9″ (23 cm) I.I. only.


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