TIMS 2000 SP


The TIMS System is a PC based video recording device that connects to any fluoroscope. TIMS records high-resolution / high-frame rate video with synchronized audio, and automatically coverts the study to DICOM format for archival to any PACS or VNA. Built-in software tools allow for quick review and editing of recorded studies. Additional included software can be installed on an existing hospital computer, allowing studies to be reviewed in the speech pathology office, freeing up the fluoro room for the next procedure.

  • Improves patient outcomes by providing speech pathology team with diagnostic quality imagery.
  • Improves patient safety by reducing the need to re-radiate patients due to inadequate imagery.
  • Better patient outcomes and better patient safety equate to increased patient satisfaction and retention.
  • Improves fluoro room efficiency with a significantly streamlined workflow.
  • Reduces the risk of HIPAA violations by eliminating the use of removable media containing patient information.
  • Dramatically increases access to MBS studies by archiving to PACS instead of storing on DVD in a filing cabinet.