Philips Heartstart FRX


Model: FRX

Philips Heartstart FRx Benefits:

• Durable (one of the toughest AEDs on the market with an eight year warranty).
• Easy for non-professionals to use (can also be used for training with special AED pads).
• Smooth hand-off when EMS arrives.

Rugged and Durable

If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting AED, you have found a contender. The Philips HeartStart FRx AED is intended for use outside of your average office climate. Whether you are in law enforcement, work with student athletes or are involved with some other outside program, the HeartStart FRx is up to the task. With an IP55 rating for dust and water, the HeartStart FRx is proven to withstand the elements. The IP55 (Ingress Protection) rating means that it scores a 5 out of 6 for sealing dust out of the device (the first digit) and a 5 out of 8 for sealing water out of the device (the second digit), which is currently the highest rating you can find for a public access AED. Its standby/operating temperatures can range from 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit with the ability to withstand a 500 lb. crush test-which all goes to show this is not your ordinary AED defibrillator.



After you receive your new HeartStart FRx you will only need to turn the unit on. This will start the self-test and give you confirmation that the device is ready to use. From here there is very little needed in order to maintain your FRx AED. Even with the HeartStart FRx regularly performing daily self-tests, the Philips FRx battery will last up to 4 years! This is typical as long as your FRx AED is stored and maintained according to directions in your owner’s manual.