Hitachi Scenaria View 128


Experience enhanced workflow speed and clear CT image quality across a wide range of applications using 64 slice acquisition and up to 128 slice reconstruction.

SCENARIA View 128 is a powerful premium performance CT solution that provides dependable routine application capabilities with available advanced clinical modules for Interventional CT, extended coverage Shuttle Scanning (for Perfusion Exams), Cardiac CTA, and Dual Energy examinations. The View employs 64 discrete detector and electronics channels over a 40mm detector coverage and reconstructs up to 128-slices per scan rotation.

Unique and clinically valuable capabilities of the View include:

  • Hitachi’s Next Generation Vision Model-based Iterative Reconstruction capability “Intelli IPV” that can provide dose reduction up to 83% at the same image quality*.
  • A wider 80cm gantry aperture, a more powerful 84kW generator provides up to 700mA operation
  • The advantages of the standard Auto Lateral Shift Table enables ±10cm lateral shift (20cm total shift range) providing easier and more accurate positioning of the patient’s anatomy of interest at the scan Field of View’s iso-center where spatial resolution is better than off-center
  • HiMAR Plus metal artifact reduction minimizes objectionable metal-induced artifacts
  • The View includes XR-25 Dose-Check control and is XR-29 Smart-Dose Compliant while providing FDA 510(k) Cleared Indication for use for Low-Dose CT lung Cancer Screening