With more than 1200 IMPAX™ installations worldwide and the largest PACS connectivity library, Agfa is a global leader in PACS. We offer a cost-effective growth path to the most successful, fully digital PACS system in the world. Since Agfa operates in the ‘Neutral Space’ radiology departments can leverage their third party medical imaging modalities and technologies to integrate conventional images with digital input, move seamlessly from image acquisition to workstation review to networking to digital archiving.

A medical informatics company based in Irvine, California, Candelis™ develops innovative, cost-effective solutions for the healthcare IT industry specifically focused on image visualization, workflow, archival and reporting. Candelis provides these solutions in the areas of Mammography, Radiation Therapy/Oncology and General Radiology to hospitals, imaging centers and clinics.

Carestream Health Medical Imaging & IT Solutions Customized, scalable solutions for every step of diagnostic imaging—from exam ordering, image capture and diagnosis to results distribution, billing, and beyond. An integrated RIS/PACS workflow solution from a single desktop Flexible CR and DR solutions help you solve your workflow, budget and space challenges while reducing procedure times Full-service support and training for radiologists and technicians.

Genesis Digital Imaging is a solutions provider supporting distributors in the medical imaging industry. We have put together hardware, software and digital components into single turnkey packages. These packages are priced to give our distributors a decided advantage over the competition and are backed up with experienced customer service people. We are focusing our attention on the product solutions your customers are demanding today.

INFINITT PACS is a completely web-based suite of image visualization and management tools, running on a 64-bit processor for fast image loading. And Just as all other INFINITT product offerings, INFINITT PACS is fully conformant to industry standards such as DICOM, HL7, IHE, and HIPAA regulations while ensuring high level of scalability and integration capability.

UltraRAD designs each application as a standalone solution giving users the flexibility to design and optimize an environment that is specific to their needs. UltraRAD solutions can seamlessly integrate with existing RIS, HIS, LIS, EMR, EHR, CPR and any patient information systems. Our full suite of solutions can be utilized to serve your specific workflow requirements.

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