GMM – Opera Swing R/F

Product Overview

OPERA Swing the revolutionary "all-in-one" R/F remote-controlled system, conceived for the best combination with flat panel detectors and actually allowing the operator to manage, through a unique highly integrated solution, enhanced examinations in both digital radiography and fluorography.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and innovatory concept, the OPERA Swing ensures an extraordinary user-friendliness, together with an unmatchable operational efficiency in any kind of diagnostic imaging procedures: skeletal system, thorax and lungs, gastroenterology, gynecology, pediatrics, emergency, digital angiography, tomography, reconstruction of the column and lower limbs (stitching) ... "all-in-one".

Innovatory tabletop, provided with adjustable height, allowing complete accessibility towards the patient from any side of the examination table.

OPERA Swing is backed up by complete automated and programmed movements, thus it provides the safest and accurate execution of unique projections, even on elderly patients or patients with limited mobility: lateral projections, transversal oblique projections, special projections, projections in direct contact with the detector, examinations of the upper and lower limbs, examinations of the thorax and column, AP, lateral, special projections on stretcher.