The XPERT 40

SPEcimen radiography system

Whether in the biopsy suite, the pathology lab, or the OR

Nothing beats the XPERT 40 Specimen Radiography System in versatility and speed



Highest Quality Specimen X-ray Images


Integrated HD Optical Camera


Accurate Specimen Orientation

Image Blender



The Image Blender combines X‑ray images and optical images together, identifying the location of your markers directly on the physical specimen.

Image Blender Demo



KUBTEC Testimonials



Michael Alvarado

Specimen tomosynthesis is an integral part of our breast care center, because we’re bringing more quality to what we do for our patients.

Peter Blumencranz

We want the patient to have the best possible results, a combination of least times having to go back for cancer or re-excision, but taking out the least amount of tissue to preserve the best cosmesis. So I think having 3D specimen X-rays is letting us do both those things.

Andrea Madrigrano

Specimen tomosynthesis allows me to remove a smaller volume of initial incision allowing patients to have a better cosmetic result.

Ralph Corsetti

Reduces amount of tissue removed at re-excision (intra-operatively at first surgery or subsequent surgery) to hemi-quadrant (one-eighth shave) vs hemisphere or multiple 6 margin random shaves.