The Hydra Vision

Digital Imaging System

Engineered to streamline workflow and improve efficiency in urological Imaging


Real-time digital X-ray imaging device using Windows 10 OS for enhanced security.


A moving imaging system that allows the patient to remain stationary during sensitive procedures.


The only table with a 750-pound weight rating and optional third monitor on the same arm.


The system may be used for urological, gastroenterological, and gynecological treatment,
planning and diagnostic procedures.

Respected. Reliable. Responsive.




Low dose

Updated Grid aids in dose reduction by reducing scatter radiation.

The 100% carbon fiber grid absorbs less X-rays than previous-generation aluminum grids, requiring a lower X-ray dose to obtain a quality image, potentially reducing exposure to the patient.


Streamlined system interface improves system reliability and workflow efficiency.

A single-touch monitor displays all controls, messages, and alarms, freeing up space in your control room.

One on/off button for the imaging system which allows for easy startup and shutdown.

image quality

System features a detector with smaller pixels than previous generations for higher resolution, resulting in sharper, more defined images.

Surgical-grade HD monitors use 16-bit image processing.

foot pedals

X-ray foot switch provides enhanced comfort and ease.
Foot pedal control allows for anatomical targeting and recall.
Store button gives the ability to save images to the patient folder from the foot pedal and recall.