Give Patients Control of Their Medical Images…


Directly From Their Smartphone!

The Problem

CD Burning is inefficient

While the healthcare world has advanced from film to CDs, the rest of the world has gone digital. Pricey image management solutions do exist, but none of them are designed from the ground up with the patient first in mind; patients have no straightforward way to access, manage and share studies with their caregivers.

Our Solution

A patient-oriented application

CareRad is a patient-oriented app that empowers patients to control and share their images. It’s so patient friendly, that patients can access and forward MRI studies to additional physicians right from their smartphones. Studies can be managed from a smartphone and it’s all HIPAA-compliant!

How Does It Work?

A Patient Gets a Knee MRI at an Imaging Center


The Patient Receives a Text Message with a Link to Download
CareRad and to View Their Study


The Hospital Admin Shares the MRI Images with the Patient
Using the CareRad Portal


The Patient Can Now View, Share, and Download Their Study


Over 15 years of innovation !

CareRad was created by the world leading medical imaging solution developer, PaxeraHealth Corp

Stop Burning CDs !

Save time, space & money by going digital!

"There's an App for that"

CareRad is available for download in the App Store® and on Google Play

What Are The Benefits?


Cut Your Cost and Time of Producing CDs, DVDs, and Film



Improve Your Patient Satisfaction



Run as a Stand-alone Solution or with Your Current PACS



Enable Patients to Collect their Isolated Studies



Patients Can Share Their Studies with Their Caregivers



CareRad is HIPAA Compliant


System Choices

Storage Options


▪ Requires a separate server from the PACS server located at facility

▪ VPN connection between local storage server and the CareRad cloud


▪ Requires a VPN connection between HOSPITALS PACS and the CareRad cloud

▪ No hardware required

study routing options


▪ Setup a DICOM connection between the CareRad cloud platform & all of the facilities PACS

▪ Facility user can Q/R the study from the facilities PACS and share to patient

Send to PACS

▪ The PACS user pushes the study to the CareRad cloud platform

▪ The CareRad platform user sees the study has arrived and shares it with the patient




Installed Systems

About Paxerahealth corp

Their Story

PaxeraHealth Corp™, Formerly Paxeramed, Is A World Leading Medical Imaging Solution Developer Based in Boston, MA. They Develop Next Generation Medical Imaging Technologies Designed to Automate Clients’ Workflow, Elevate Patient Care, and Cut Radiology Department PACS Costs. Leveraging Technology and Staying at the Forefront of New Imaging Technological Developments is the Top Priority At PaxeraHealth.

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Frequently Asked

Does CareRad Only Work with Ultima?
No, CareRad Can Work with Any PACS as all it Requires is a DICOM Node Connection.
What About HIPAA?
CareRad is Fully HIPAA Compliant. The Patient Also Signs HIPAA and Medical Release Forms Upon Downloading and Registering.
How Much Does This Cost the Patient?
There is No Cost for the Patient to Download the App .
How Long Does it Take to Install CareRad in a Facility?
The CareRad Installation Can Be Completed Within an Hour.
How Long Does It Take to Send a Patient Their Studies?
Carerad Sends the Patients Their Studies in Seconds While Avoiding the Patient Having to Go Back to the Facility to Pick Up CDs. The Patient Can Immediately View, Download, and Share the Images as They Wish.

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